a 5 Week Study on Daniel

There’s a reason lions are symbols of courage — even their roars (which can be heard up to five miles away) tell us how strong they are! And because of God’s promises, we can be as strong and bold as lions, too. In this five-week series, kids will learn important truths from the life of Daniel they’ll want to shout (or roar!), like how we don’t have to give up and don’t have to feel alone. Instead, we can keep learning and not be afraid, even when we don’t know the future. Why? Because God is with us!


Studying the Bible together can be such a great way to help your family grow closer to God. But actually keeping them engaged, excited, and curious can be frustrating. So instead of feeling like we must be the issue, let's explore a few ideas to make your Bible study more intentional than ever before.


This quarter, we're introducing a simple tool kids can use anytime to practice good habits every single day. This tool is customizable, full of ideas, and makes tracking habits easy and fun. Try it out, because habits grow best over time!

For those who would prefer your kids have LESS screen time, we have some offline tracking sheets that you can use.

If you delete this email and want to find out about the Habits app and tracking sheets, you can find them both in the Resources tab in the KCF Hope app!



If you would ever like to get to know us a bit more, we would love to talk to you! Come say hi after the Sunday morning service, send us a message in the KCF App or give us a call!

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-the Palynchuks - Paul, Chantal and Abigail
A little story of this photo.  We were married at Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park, SK, on June 1, 2019.  We took our wedding photos at the highest point of the park, called Lookout Point, which is the location in the photo.  Every year we try to go this same spot to take another photo, so that we can look back and see how our lives have changed from year to year.  This was our first summer with Abigail (2023) and its just amazing how God has blessed our lives together!