iKids Club

a place where every child has the potential to be extraordinary

Chantal Palynchuk

iKids Club / Camp Director

iKids is a center where “kids can be kids.” They can play, grow, and learn in a fun environment and join a great group of children in creative exploration. There are imaginative play, craft, electronic, and physical activity spaces all within the one location. Kids will be taught great values such as honesty, respect, citizenship, healthy living, and many more.
They will learn more about being part of a community and learn what that looks like for them. Your kids will be challenged to lend a helping hand and to keep their environment clean (yes I know that’s a hard one), but I’m up for the challenge!
iKids is a safe space where diversity is celebrated. The children will be expected to use manners, to be polite and to be kind to those around them.  The staff will encourage and remind the kids of these rules but will also be patient as the kids build these good habits. Each child and staff member will be challenged to be creative and to explore outside their comfort zone.
My goal as the iKids director is to model the iKids core values, to encourage all children to pursue their goals, to help your children make new friends, and for them to learn how to be part of a community.  I foster learning through fun activities and aim to be inclusive and innovative. I aim to build your trust and to build relationships with each of you. I look forward to all the fun adventures with your kids and I definitely look forward to meeting you! 🙂

Let’s teach kids how to be extraordinary world changers together!

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iKids Club follows the school calendar for days off / holidays.