Mission & Vision

Go therefore and make disciples...

The Mission

To accelerate the growth of our training and equipping center that magnifies God in Word worship and prayer, to carry the heart of the Father, to raise up mature sons and daughters in His family, and to engage, activate and energize disciples to transform specific spheres of society.

The Vision

We see a training and equipping center that carries the keys and the heartbeat of God through all means available to our community and beyond; calling each one to be a disciple in the family of God, inspiring them to reach for Heavenly standards that will transform families, businesses, communities and nations

Core Values

  1. STEWARDSHIP based in Biblical worldview utilizing and managing all time, talents and financial resources for His Kingdom
  2. TEAM MINISTRY resulting in strategic multiplication in every believer’s sphere of influence.
  3. AUTHENTIC COVENANTAL RELATIONSHIPS leaving a godly generational legacy.
  4. INTEGRITY being true to God’s Word and our commitments.
  5. HONOUR first of God and His commands; then honour or value those around us the way Jesus values them.
  6. ACCOUNTABILITY for  the safety of the family and unity of the faith to build mature believers
  7. The JOY of the Lord is our strength.