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please select one of the categories below, or scroll down to read more about how the funds will be used in our community.

Now Accepting E-transfers

send E-transfers to with designation in description. 
Non designated funds go to general.  

Loaves & Fishes

Offering hearty homemade soup, bread and other food items free of charge to people in our community


Your giving supports all aspects of the work of this ministry in the local assembly through the General Fund

Building Fund

While completely free of any debt, our beautiful building still requires continual painting, repairs and maintenance as well as upgrades to remain functional as a growing church and community rental facility.  

Special building projects are announced as they are initiated and funds are solicited for these as people believe they are to give.

Sound & Light

Our facility is rented out for drama productions, dance recitals, and other community events. Funds in this category support the various sound and light equipment purchases required to make these productions successful.

Sunday iKids Class

These funds provide for purchasing of the curriculum, software, props, and support training materials required for the children’s classes.  


These funds support missionaries that are speakers in our assembly as well as specific mission organizations that are affiliated with our leadership or are recommended by our elders for financial assistance.


This is a type of offering received that is dispersed by the deacon / leadership team to those in need within our assembly and community.


This is funds paid out to our guest speakers, including those who minister in our local church on a regular basis (i.e. our Apostles or members of our Pastoral team) and traveling ministries (i.e. bands, drama teams, evangelists). 

Friday FX

These funds will be used to host Youth outreach events, concerts and seminars. These community focused events help our Youth build healthy relationships and lifestyles.

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We are located in a big blue building, on the East side of Kindersley, just north of Hwy #7
800-12TH Ave. East
Kindersley, SK, S0L 1S0
BOX 1868

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8:30 AM - 1:30 PM


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